Monsoon Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy a pre-dinner drink on the decks or cosy up in front of the fireplace before settling in for a relaxed dining experience.



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Homemade soup of the day (GF option)

Our freshly made soup served with garlic bread   $10.5

Seafood chowder (GF option)

Delicious creamy chowder served with garlic bread

entree   $14 | main   $19.5

Gourmet Pizzas

Spicy chorizo & garlic prawn

Pan fried garlic prawns, chorizo, red pepper, coriander and lemon    $28.5

Margarita (V)

Tomato and basil   $24.5

BBQ chicken

BBQ chicken breast, bacon, onion, red pepper and BBQ sauce.  $28

Spanish tapas

Chorizo, red onion, red pepper, tomatoes, olives, feta and basil    $28


Ham, bacon and pineapple    $27


Ham, bacon, salami, pepperoni and BBQ sauce    $27


Tomato, spinach, red onions, peppers, olives, feta and basil pesto $27

Mexican chicken

Cajun chicken breast, red pepper, red onion, jalapenos and sour cream    $28

Salmon & capers

Salmon, spinach, cream cheese, capers and lemon    $28.5

Extra toppings

Chorizo, ham, pepperoni, salami, chicken, prawns, or salmon    $4

Capers, red onion, red pepper, jalapenos, olives, ricotta, 3 feta, or tomato    $3

Change your pizza base to gluten free $2

All of our delicious 12” pizzas (8 slices) are made on a thin and crispy base, topped with our home made pizza sauce and grated mozzarella. why not add your own ingredients from our extra toppings, half and half option available.
Gluten free pizza bases available, ask our friendly waitstaff $2.00 per base.

Gourmet Burgers

Hippie burger (V)

Homemade chickpea, corn & spinach burger, sun-dried tomato & olive chutney, lettuce & tomato    $14.5

Beef & bacon burger

Homemade beef burger served in a soft bun with bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions & mayo    $16.5

Pulled pork burger

Slow roasted pork shoulder served in a soft bun with coleslaw    $15

The Main Course

Lamb shanks (GF)

300gm of New Zealand Lamb, slowly braised in a tomato, rosemary, red wine jus, served on a bed of creamy potato mash with peas    $29.5

Pioneer stuffed chicken (GF)

Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, stu ed with spinach and ricotta cheese, served with fries and salad or roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables, and your choice of gravy or garlic butter    $29.5

Massaman curry (GF)

Thai massaman curry with slow cooked New Zealand beef, served with a side of rice    $29.5

Roast pork (GF)

Slow roasted pork shoulder served with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables, topped with gravy and apple sauce    $26.5

Pasta of the Day

Ask our friendly wait staff    $24.5

add: chicken or bacon   $4 | salmon   $5

Caesar salad (GF option)

Salad greens, bacon, garlic, croutons, caesar sauce and parmesan cheese.   $24.5

add: chicken or bacon   $4 | prawn $5

Classic fish & chips

Homemade crispy beer battered Hoki served with fries and salad, with tomato and tartare sauce    $25

Pan seared salmon fillet (GF)

Salmon llet drizzled with hollandaise sauce, served with roast potatoes and salad    $29.5

Ribeye steak (GF)

Prime New Zealand beef, cooked to your liking, served with fries and salad or roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables, with your choice of garlic butter, peppercorn or mushroom sauce    
250gm $32.5 | 350gm $37.5


Steamed rice (V)

Bow of steamed rice $6

Crispy pork crackling

Crispy pork crackling served with homemade apple sauce   $8

Classic fries

Served with tomato sauce & aioli   $8

Hash tag fries

Served with tomato sauce & aioli   $10

Potato wedges (V)

With sour cream and sweet chili sauce   $12.5

Garden salad

Green salad with tomato, cucumber & red onion and a balsamic dressing   $9

Steamed veges (V)

Mixed seasonal vegetables    $5

Potato mash & gravy

Creamy mash and rich brown gravy    $5

Happy Endings

Cheesecake of the day

Ask our friendly waitstaff    $12

Sticky date pudding

Delicious hot pudding served with ice cream, cream and a sticky toffee sauce    $12

Chocolate mudcake

Rich and warm chocolate cake, served with ice cream, cream and home-made caramel sauce   $12

Ice cream sundae

Creamy vanilla ice cream with you choice of strawberry, chocolate or caramel topping    $9.5

Cream brulee

Classic Vanilla Crème Brulee served with ice cream and cream $12

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